You probably noticed many beautiful gleaming cars driving around Richmond, Brightwater and Wakefield last Sunday. Some of them looked like a travel back in time while others were sparkling modern classic cars. They were heading to or leaving the Classic & Collectable Car Show, at the Higgins Heritage Park, in Wakefield.

“This is a fundraiser for The Rover Car Club, which they run annually. There was a large range of makes and models with many prizes awarded, mainly for recent restoration, best club display and things of that nature. But it’s just a ‘ Father’s Day out really,’ says John Hurley, Chair Person of the Higgins Heritage Park.

“This is also about the preservation of vehicles that were very much a part of our history. We never had a New Zealand produced car, we imported everything, and because they are expensive, we extended their life very considerably. There was always an afterlife for our cars. We have about one of every model and the owners hang on to them, they’ve been restored, we have some very capable restorers around the district, and they do marvelous jobs”, says John.

One of the stands at the Higgins Heritage Park was from the Top of the South Jowett Car Club of New Zealand.

“Ray Win was a Jowett dealer way back in the ’50s, so the family put this museum at the Park to preserve and display Jowetts, and the Top of The South Jowett Car Club is helping out with the display,” says Sid Bradford, in front of the Win Collection.

According to Sid, their intention this year was to highlight Women and the Jowett marque.

“You will see from the posters here that quite a few women raced them, and rallied them, and were involved with Jowett back from the early days, 20’s and 30’s. Today the display is about showcasing the contribution of Women with Jowetts,” he says.

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