This month’s Richmond Stihl Shop Good Sort $100 voucher winner is Doug South, from Wakefield.Doug has been nominated by Wakefield constable Jamie White, for the commitment and work he has put into the community over the years. “He does a massive amount of volunteer work for the community, mainly for the Wakefield Bush Restoration Society,” says Jamie, “Doug does a lot of work for the parks and has done countless hours of volunteer work over the years.” Doug has been the president of the Wakefield Bush Restoration Society since its inception in 2000, they are a voluntary group that are passionate about protecting the bush at Edward Baigent Memorial Domain and Faulkner Bush. “We have turned the land around from weed-ridden bits of land to well-regarded walking tracks in the area,” says Doug, “I felt someone had to stand up and do something. It is not just me, there is a team of us out there. We are trying to establish something special for Wakefield. We are trying to protect the area for the future, for long after I am gone.” Doug who has worked as a meat inspector for 46 years, says preserving the bush is ‘bloody hard work’, “we have a huge list of jobs planned over the next five years.” Jamie says the work Doug and his team do is invaluable, “the village of Wakefield owes him a lot when it comes to Faulkner Bush and walks, and Baigent reserve areas.” Both Jamie, and Doug’s wife Evie-Joy, describe him as a modest man. “he is very respectful of the people and the bush,” says Evie-Joy, “he always puts others forward before himself. He is very, very humble.”

If you know anyone in your neighbourhood who is a Good Sort, let the team know with your nomination, and they could be in the draw for a $100 Richmond Stihl Shop voucher.

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