Residents of St Arnaud enjoyed an excuse to catch up with one another on Sunday, April 29, during the annual Women Walk the World community event.
The event is held to raise funds for the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) organisation that is dedicated to raising the health and standard of living for rural women and their families by connecting their communities worldwide through a network of members.
“The money raised helps with so many wonderful projects all over the world,” says St Arnaud organiser Tracey Grose.
The ACWW has completed projects in water and sanitation, health and education, income generation, education and capacity building, agricultural training and development, nutrition and home economics.
Their projects benefit around 150,000 people every year and they play a significant part in reducing global hunger.
The St Arnaud women are among nine million members across 70 countries enjoying the opportunity to contribute toward what they consider an important cause that results in a better standard of living for females everywhere.
Sunday’s walkers split into two groups, both off on two-hour hikes.
One group walked the village link track and the other conquered the steep track of Duck Down.
“There were some great views. The rain cleared for a sunny afternoon, so it was really lovely,” says Tracey.
The 16 walkers all came together at the end for a cuppa and baking at the Teetotal camping site.
“It was a nice way to get everyone together and come together for some fun and healthy exercise.”

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