Churches across the region are changing the way they do Chruch, now that the country has been moved into a complete lockdown.

Peter Sommerville, pastor of Grace Church, speaking from self-isolation due to recent overseas travel, said that the Church has teams working on how they can continue to support the community.

“We will not be holding services on Sunday’s at the Headingly Centre.”

Peter says that we need to think about how we can support each other.

“Love and care is important for our faith, so we’re thinking of ways that we can support people who might have a hard time in self-isolation.”

Daryl Bay, Pastor at Hope Community Church, says that their congregation will be cancelling all regualr meetings. The Church had planned to meet in small groups in people’s homes before the Government announced a complete lockdown this week.

While Churches won’t be able to meet physically, Daryl says that the community still needs to take steps to look out for each other and support each other. Looking after vulnerable members of the community is important for the Church.
“We have elderly people and people with compromised immune systems in our church, so we need to look after them.”
Supporting the community is a key priority for the church, Daryl says.

Online content will be available for the community.

“We’ll provide online content to our own church community, to keep them connected to the hub of the church.

“Relational connections are crucial in a church like ours. The key thing that we have in mind –thinking about who is in my network of relationships, that I can be connecting with and supporting – even if it’s just a conversation with someone over the phone to see how they’re doing.”

“It’s crucial for people’s mental wellbeing at a time like this – that we rally around people that are going to be particularly isolated,” Daryl says.

“We want to bring hope into other people’s lives.”

Daryl says that Church will not stop despite cancelling members not able to meet with each other.

“For us, Church is not about thinking about ourselves. It’s about thinking about how we can bring hope into other people’s lives.”

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