Monday, 23 September is the first day of Spring and the flower season starts with the traditional Spring Flower Show, on Saturday 21 September at Brightwater Hall. The event will be open to the public from 9am to 3:15pm.

“Brightwater Horticultural Society has been doing the Flower Show every year for 115 years,” says Marie Hunter, treasurer, committee and Life Member of the Society.

And after so many years, their focus is to show young people the joy that flowers can bring.

“It’s getting to the stage that there is not a lot of the young ones coming on and that’s what we are trying to encourage,” says Marie. “The problem today is that when they build a house, they don’t seem to go in for the flowers. They are missing the perfume for one thing, the bright colours, the enjoyment of flower,” she says.

Marie’s husband is John Hunter, one of the world’s most renowned daffodil growers.

The backyard of his property in Hope is filled with lots of the breeds he’s been developing over the years.

“There are, like, three thousand daffodils and I want to go smell all of them,” says Madison Moretti, who is only 7 years old.
Spring Flower Show is one day only to enjoy all sorts of floral displays, afternoon teas, produce stalls and raffles.

Exhibitors from the whole region are expected, including some coming from Blenheim.

You can still be part of this beautiful exposition presented by the Brightwater Horticultural Society. New exhibitors are welcome and more information can be found on the website: or through the phone number (03) 528 7653.

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