Wakefield resident Brian Duncan got a ‘neat surprise’ when he got a phone call from his friend Bob Croy to say that a ring he was given, and lost half a decade ago, was found at Brian’s parents’ old home by a metal detector.
Ian Spriggs had enlisted the help of Stewart Gill and his metal detector to recover a set of keys, lost in the area, after clearing vines from the Duncan’s former property. The keys were retrieved, along with a signet ring marked with the initials BJD. Bob had stopped to say hi to Ian, and the two men showed him the ring. Bob put the pieces of the puzzle together when he linked the initials with the Duncan’s. “I thought it’s got to be from the Duncan’s, because they used to live there.”
Brian says he asked Bob over the phone if it was found under the feijoa tree, to which the reply was yes.
“I can shut my eyes now and I can clearly see myself taking it off to wash the car at my parent’s home,” says Brian, “it was a Saturday morning and I was using the tap round by the feijoa tree. I didn’t want it to fall off into the soapy water or scratch my car. It has ended up on the ground, somehow, and I must have trodden on it, or driven over it, and embedded it in the ground.”
It was given to Brian by former girlfriend Noelene Story in the late 1960’s. The two, who remain friends to this day, had a bit of a laugh when Brian rang Noelene let her know it had been found, “I actually hadn’t told her for few years that I had even lost it. I knew what it was when Bob told me what they found, it all came back to me in an instant.”

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