The ‘Young and Inspired’ free event on Friday, May 25, will celebrate the amazing achievements of eight young people from the area who are living out their dreams in the real world, including Roman Birch and Christiane Leaper from Richmond.
Delivered through live performances, visual presentations and creative story telling, the event provides all young people with an opportunity to connect, share and learn.
Waimea College student Christiane has lived with Nephrotic Syndrome for most of her life. Despite this adversity she has not allowed it to prevent herself from achieving her aspirations.
“It took me a long time to be able to talk about my condition. I’m hoping, when I give my speech, children my age will realise there’s nothing to be scared of. The main thing is to not let it drag you down and find things to offer distractions.”
Aiming to inspire the next generation to discover and follow their own dreams, the event will see the eight share insights into the circumstances and choices they have encountered to turn their dreams into reality.
Self-proclaimed “unsuccessful student” Roman, now a qualified teacher, will use the opportunity to talk about the shifts that took place in his life that opened his eyes to the environment he was putting himself in.
“People look for social acceptance from others, but if you know who you are you don’t need that,” says Roman.
Roman is also an accomplished musician and hopes to help people understand what inspiration truly is, while encouraging them to live their best lives.

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